Pastel Master Classes

Do you have some experience with pastels? Are you looking for a class to motivate you to paint more or to challenge you? Or perhaps just a good reason to get into the studio and try something new with your pastels?  I have designed my pastel online Master Classes for artists like you who are working hard at taking their painting to the next level but may not have the opportunity or time to take traditional studio classes. Each of my master classes are self contained units with a theme or focus to each class that will hopefully challenge, inspire and motivate you to get painting!  You can choose the topics that interest you and once enrolled you will have access to the class for 30 days. Each class is available on a private blog for students only and include everything I do for my live studio classes but in an online format....demos, handouts, lecture notes, exercises and assignments complete with Q & A and individual feedback on your work is all included.  Fee for each class is $25 payable with Paypal. Below is the list of available classes along with a Paypal button. To enroll in a class just follow the link to Paypal. Once your payment is received, I will email you with the instructions for accessing the class blog as well as directions for asking questions and receiving feedback.  Please email me with any questions.

  1. Pastel Master Class I   Color Keys in Painting... High Key Paintings in Pastel
  • In this class we will shift our focus from painting with a full value range to a limited value range with high key paintings.
  • Review of value and it's importance to the success of a painting.
  • What is a high key painting? Why paint in high key?
  • How to do a high key and helpful hints.
  • Exercises and a painting assignment with help at your easel (through digital photos and email)
  • Lecture notes, PDF handouts and links to related resources.
  • Step by step demo photos with explanations of each phase of the painting.
This class will be available on March 1, 2010